Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comings and Goings - People and Companies

Trevor Groth continues as CineVegas as Artistic Director and Mike Plante has been named Director of Programming. After Groth's recent appointment as Sundance's Director of Programming there had been a question about his continuing involvement with CineVegas.

Michelle Byrd is leaving the top post of he Independent Feature Project at the end of the year. A successor is being sought through Time Warner’s Worldwide Recruitment & Executive Search.

Rose Einstein and 10 others have been let go from Hollywood Reporter.

Stephen Gilula and Nancy Utley’s have been named Presidents of Fox Searchlight following the departure last March of Peter Rice. Gilula and Utley, who served as COOs since 2006, have signed new multi-year deals and report directly to Fox Filmed Entertainment chairmen Tom Rothman and Jim Gianopulos.

William Morris Independent’s heads Cassian Elwes and Rena Ronson have left the merged William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment. Endeavor Independent head Graham Taylor will now run the independent film arm of William Morris Endeavor with Liesl Copland, Alexis Garcia and Mark Ankner reporting to him. Jerome Duboz is understood to be staying on as the only WMI representative with impeccable French language skills :).

European Film Promotion president of 12 years, Claudia Landsberger, has stepped down and the presidency has gone to Eva Vezer of Hungary. Its seven member board includes Christian Dorsch of Germany, Simon Perry of Ireland, Christian Juhl of Denmark, Jaana Puskala of Finland, Pilar Torre of Spain.

Jane Wright has been appointed as managing director of BBC Films and Christine Langan has been appointed to the role of creative director of the division.

Producers Michael Cowan and Jason Piette are launching a UK distribution and international film and TV sales company called Stealth Media Group. See Screen Daily for complete story.

Deborah Del Prete, 23 years with Odd Lot has left to launch Coronet Films which will have a multiyear first look deal with Odd Lot whose CEO is Gigi Pritzker.

Daniel Diamond has been named Morgan Creek's new head of international distribution and will begin June 2009. Morgan Creek earlier named ex-CAA agent Rick Nicita president in August 2008.

Economist Joe Barber has joined film executives Richard Wolff and Richard Ross have joined with Joe Barber to launch a new U.S. distribution company out of Philadelphia, Entertaining Pictures. Theatrical, other platforms and service deals will be their stock in trade. In November 2008 Wolff and Ross left TLA to start Rich Releasing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3D takes on Cannes

3D has taken front and center in Cannes' upcoming event films.

"Coraline" has made the international top 10 box office charts in recent days. And while 3D is being discussed for big budget studio tent pole pictures like "Up" or "Avatar", many independents are also selling 3D in Cannes, taking their cue from LionsGate's "My Bloody Valentine" which grossed $51.5 million in No. America and $20.2 m off shore.

has sold out on it's 3D animated feature "Around the World in 50 Days".

Imax has repeatedly stated that its giant screens and their digital projection will be worth more money for distributors with 3D capable films. Imax CEO Rich Gelfond says New digital screens are also key to Imax being able to project 3D movies, which earn the premium ticket price. He said the major studios will see value in Imax 3D screens as long as the number of 3D-capable screens at local multiplexes, at around 2,000 currently, remains well below the 5,000 screens initially anticipated by now.

Terence Chang and John Woo's Lion Rock is selling "Legend of the Magic Bell" and Nu Image is selling "Dark Country" in 3D.

CMG's 3D animated title "Khumba" sold to Russia (Luxor), Portugal (VC Multimedia), the Middle East (Front Row), Turkey (Film Pop), Czech/Slovak Republics (Hollywood), and Poland (Vision).

Even Jan Kounen, director of the closing night selection "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky" will shoot "The Secret Histories of the Dalai Lama" in Tibet in 3D!

And Alain Siritzky is taking the 35 year old film "Emmanuelle" and making the prequel to the franchise in 3D. He is doing a worldwide search for the new 18-25 year old Emmanuelle who will be announced next Cannes and will earn a $1m contract for the next four years. Since the first "
Emmanuelle" in 1974 there have been at least 7 sequels including "Emmanuelle 2000".

Toonz Animation India and Argentina-based Illusion Studios have inked a co-production deal for a 90-minute 3D animated feature "Gaturro" based on the famous Argentine comic strip of the same name.

"Pina" will be made in 3D by Wim Wenders' Neue Road Movies and the legendary choreographer Pina Bausch. It will be the first dance feature film to be shot in 3D. He said that 3D will help to “take the audience directly on to the stage." Starting September 2009, Hanway will be the international sales agent and Jeremy Thomas will executive produce.

Other current 3D projects include "Bait" of Arclight and Limelight International, Monsters vs. Aliens", "Magic Journey to Africa" - and many others are being touted in Cannes.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Indians and Arabs Supply News of Financing

The Indians and the Arabs are the current source of financing for films.

Of the Arabs, Abu Dhabi continues to vie with Dubai with Qatar quiet now that Tribeca is over. Dubai Film Festival is hosting smaller more targeted events and seems to be taking the lead of the three new Arab Emirates Film Festivals while Abu Dhabi is announcing itself on all the trade papers' covers and grabbing headlines with its new film fund and with the Abu Dhabi Film Commission presenting a $100,000 Shasha Grant Screenwriting and Pitch Competition.

The $250 million movie fund created by Imagenation Abu Dhabi, owned by Abu Dhabi Media Co. and Participant Media will back "The Crazies" a movie based on George A. Romero's 1974 cult classic which Overture will partner on financing and with North American distribution and which Paramount Vantage will sell internationally, and a Brendan Fraser family comedy "Furry Vengeance" which Summit will sell internationally and distribute stateside.

The Dubai Film Connection, Dubai Film Festival's co-production market, has 33 feature projects in development, three in pre-production and another six set to go into production next year.

Three films from the 2008 edition of DFC -- Selma Bargach's "The Fifth String," Mahmoud al-Massad's "This Is My Picture When I Was Dead" and Maryanne Zehil's "The Valley of Tears" -- are set to go into production in the coming months. Two DFC projects -- Atef Hetata's "Oblivion" and Faouzi Bensaidi's "Death for Sale" -- are in Cannes' emerging filmmaker lab L'Atelier. Cherien Dabis' "Amreeka," which screens in Directors' Fortnight, was developed at the 2007 Dubai Film Connection. Dabis secured significant pre-buys from both Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal's shingle Rotana and pay TV platform Showtime Arabia and this enabled the film to get made.

The Dubai fest has also announced a tie-up with Martin Scorsese and the World Cinema Foundation to help in the restoration of Arab cinema. WCF will work with Dubai to restore two Arab films a year.

Kuwait's Sheikha Al Zain Al-Sabah, a member of the royal family of Kuwait, has created Eagle Vision Media Group as a home for Arab filmmakers with international commercial appeal. She is building a studio in Kuwait with production and post-production facilities, to be completed 2010 along with her slate of films. Eagle Vision Media has coproduced Imax's "Journey to Mecca" with National Geographic and also "Amreeka" the recent breakout film from Sundance which garnered awards a a work in progress at the last Dubai film festival.

From left field, Don Ranvaud of the Latin America leaning company Buena Onda and international sales agent OndaMax has created a partnership with Syrian company The Orient Group, headed by humantiarian businessman Nabil Toumeh who has produced TV and features and will not produce Argentinian "Sadourni's Butterflies" to be directed by Dario Nardi. Max Saidel is one of the associate producers.

Of the Indians, India has benefitted from capital from the stock market last year.

The $50m Mumbai based film fund, Cinema Capital Venture Fund (CCVF), launched in 2008 has invested $10m in domestic production and is in Cannes to invest $5m to $7m a year in international projects, most likely based in the U.K.

There are 50 film companies exhibiting their projects and product at the Indian Pavilion in Cannes. Reliance Big Picture continues to make the largest headlines as it has since buying equity in Dreamworks some six months back. Reliance Big Picture's first Indian film meant for a glbal audience, the $30m "Kites" stars Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan in his first English language film.

India’s National Film Development Corp and Locarno Film Festival will work together on the Screenwriters Lab aiming to prepare Indian writers to sell original screenplays in the international market. Locarno will host the first section and the second will be at the Film Bazaar in Goa between November 24 – 26. Locarno’s third edition will also include its previous partners, the binger Filmlab and Entertainment Society of Goa.

India’s Eros International continues its presence in the global marketplace with three international film projects starring Indian and American talent.

To facilitate foreign co-production in India, a new producers' directory called "The Changing Face of Indian Cinema" is now available at the India Pavilion and can be downloaded free on Jointly prepared by the Government of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and ASSOCHAM, and written by Supreme court advocate Pavan Duggal, the comprehensive guide details regulations on co-productions and international property rights in India.

The number of foreign films shot in India has more than doubled in the past three years to 20 films shot in 2008. A directory of line producers in India is in the works and will be released next year.

Indian headlines also include Fortissimo's first Hindi language film "Road Movie" by Dev Benegal. Fortissimo is also selling the Indian doc "Children of the Pyre".

Toonz Animation India and Argentina-based Illusion Studios have inked a co-production deal for a 90-minute 3D animated feature "Gaturro" based on the famous Argentine comic strip of the same name.

Latin America In the News

Ventana Sur, a new Latin American Event was launched today in Cannes. In the current Cannes Film Festival announced the project called South Window, a market to be held in Buenos Aires in partnership with the French festival, the first of its kind that supports Cannes beyond its borders. Jerôme Paillard and Liliana Mazure, president of the National Film Institute (INCAE), will hold Window South, a market, in Buenos Aires in the second half of November at the site of the former store Harrods. Its aim is to boost sales and production not only of Argentine cinema but of all Latin American cinema through the participation of film professionals from around the world.

From Screen International: Pyramide, Wild Bunch, Diaphana, three of the 70 distributors in 19 European countries who make up a pan European network called Europa Distribution want to forge closer ties with Latin America and is seeking funds from MEDIA to do so. Launched in 2006, Europa Distribution would use the money to offer direct support to distributors in the region. The outfit is currently supported by members’ subscriptions. Distributors pay $1,358 (€1000) each per year in annual fees) and has also received $353,249 (€260,000) in support for 2009 from the EU’s MEDIA Programme. Now, it is looking to access an extra $543,461 (€400,000) in MEDIA backing. The idea is to back both Latin-American distributors handling European movies and Europeans distributing Latin-American fare.

Cine Sin Fronteras is a new initiative whose aim is to support distribution of Latin American cinema in Europe and of European cinema in Latin America. It is led by four partners and supported by MEDIA. Partners are Europa Distribution, a network of 70 independent European distributors, CICAE (Confederation Internationale des Cinemas d’Art et d’Essai) a network of exhibitors festivals and some distributor of art movies, ARCALT (Association Rencontre Cinema d’Amerique Latin de Toulouse) which shows also show works in progress in partnership with the San Sebastian Film Festival, and FICCO (Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporaneo de la Ciudad de Mexico). Workshops have already been held in Mexico city and in Toulouse in the first half of 2009.

Don Ranvaud of Buena Onda has partnered with Syrian company The Orient Group and their first production will be the Argentinean film by short filmmaker Dario Nardi "Sadourni's Butterflies". Max Saidel of Latido will be one of four associate producers.

Toonz Animation India and Argentina-based Illusion Studios have inked a co-production deal for a 90-minute 3D animated feature "Gaturro" based on the famous Argentine comic strip of the same name.

International Distribution Deals Done in Cannes 2009

To the readers: It helps if you have subscriptions to IMDbPro and Cinando as most of the links are to these two sites. Please let me know if you are not subscribers and I will try to vary the sources more broadly.

26 Films licensed "Keep It Together" to Splendid for German speaking territories.

Absurda - A David Lynch Company
has licensed "My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done?" to Kinowelt for German speaking territories. Unified has U.S. and WS has Canada.

licensed its entire library to Talat Captaan for the Middle East including Iran. It will serve as the basis for Captaan's reentering the sales business.

American World Pictures licensed "Parasomnia" to Kmy Films for Cambodia.

Bavaria’s "Van Dieman’s Land" went to U.K. (High Fliers). "Bad Day To Go Fishing" went to Greece (PCV). "Everyone Else" aka "Alle Anderen" went to CIS (Russian Report). "Let The Right One In" went to Turkey(Bir), Hong Kong (Edko), Colombia (Cinecolombia). "Troubled Water" went to Taiwan (Khan).

Beta licensed "North Face" to Music Box Films for U.S.

Bleiberg licensed "Adam Resurrected" to Image for U.S. "Gene 2.0" went to Splendid for German speaking territories.

Celluloid Dreams licensed "Un Prophete" to Sony Pictures Classics for North America and Alta for Spain. Its other distributors include Cinemien for Netherlands, Bim for Italy, UGC for France.

Cinemavault has licensed “Trucker” to High Fliers for U.K., Falcon for Middle East, Village Roadshow for Greece, Lap TV for Latin America, HBO for Eastern Europe, DBS for Israel and ATP Insaat for Turkey. "Newsmakers" has gone to Showbox for the U.K., New Select for Japan, Beijing United for China, ECS for the Middle East, Horizon for Turkey, Cinema Without Frontiers and Kino Bez Granits for CIS.

CJ licensed "Thirst," to Lola Film for Spain, Paris Filmes for Brazil, Edko for Hong Kong, Avsar Film for Turkey and Discovery for the ex-Yugoslavia territories, MFA+ for Germany, Madman for Australia and New Zealand, Ecofilmes for Portugal. "Mother" went to Madman for Australia and New Zealand, Paris Films for Brazil. "Sophie’s Revenge" went to Nettai for Japan, Huayi Brothers for China. "Haeundai" went to VSG for Singapore and Malyasia, Optimum for U.K., Splendid for German speaking territories, Edko for Hong Kong. "Castaway on the Moon" went to Horizon for Turkey and Flash Forward for Taiwan. "Private Eye" went to Horizon for Turkey.

CMG licensed "Blood and Bone" to G2 for U.K. after fielding at least four other offers from UK buyers. It also went to Australia (Eagle Pictures), South Africa (Nu Metro), Eastern Europe (SPI), Brazil (California), Turkey (Horizon), India (PVR), and the Middle East (Front Row). "Khumba" went to Russia (Luxor), Portugal (VC Multimedia), the Middle East (Front Row), Turkey (Film Pop), Czech/Slovak Republics (Hollywood), and Poland (Vision). "American Violet" went to Australia (Eagle Pictures), Scandinavia (CCV), the Middle East (Front Row), Turkey (Horizon), and Poland (Vision). "Zambezia" went to Nu Metro in South Africa and Hollywood for the Czech/Slovak Republics. U.S. is with Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Coach 14's "Wild Grass" was coproduced and will be distributed in Italy by Bim. Imovision has Brazil and Studio Canal has France.

Contentfilm licensed "Fish Tank" to Cineart for Benelux, IFC for North America, Artificial Eye for U.K. and Alta for Spain, . MK2 has French rights.

Coproduction Office licensed "A Town Called Panic" to Cineart for Benelux, and to UK (Optimum), Australia (Madman), Korea (Jin Jin), Greece (La Strada), Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam (Suraya), Middle East (Media International),Switzerland (Frenetic)

E1 Entertainment licensed "Amreeka" to Cineart for Benelux.

Elle Driver licensed "Dead Snow" to Splendid for German speaking territories. IFC has No. America. Midget has Denmark and Euforia has Norway. "De l'autre cote du lit" went to Atlas for German speaking territories. "Hysteria" went to Bim for Italy.

Endeavor licensed "Picasso and Braque Go To The Movies" to Arthouse for U.S. who will also also distribute abroad through its output deals with Revolver Entertainment in the UK and Ireland, Mongrel Media in Canada, Madman Entertainment in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and digitally via Apple iTunes.

Enlightenment licensed "I Can't Think Straight" and "The World Unseen" to Optimale for French speaking territories, PRO-FUN media Filmverleih for Germany, Homescreen for Benelux. Regent has U.S.

Entertainment 7 licensed "Baby on Board" to Telepool for German speaking territories, Free Dolphin for France, WEG for India, IDG for China. New Horizon has Australia and New Zealand. Mares has Brazil, Film Depot has CIS, Leda has Latin America and Five Star has Israel. Entertainment 1 has U.S. and Canada.

Epic licensed "Pig Hunt" to Splendid for German speaking territories.

Europacorp licensed "D13 - Ultimatum" to Magnolia Pictures genre arm Magnet Releasing for U.S. "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec" sold every territory except U.K. and U.S. "I Love You Phillip Morris" went to Consolidated Pictures Group for North America.

Films Distribution licensed “Happy Ever After” to Hopscotch for Australia and New Zealand, Telepool for Germany. Negotiations are underway for U.S."Eyes Wide Open” went to Haut et Court for France. “Yuki & Nina” and "It’s Not Me, I Swear!” went to JinJin for South Korea. “Tomorrow at Dawn” and "Private Lessons” went to Word of Mouth for Greece. "Cell 211” went to Senator for Germany, “L’Amour Fou” went to Frenetic for Switzerland. "Tomorrow At Dawn" went to Metropole for Canada, Russian Report for Central Europe. "YSL" went to ABC for Benelux, Hopscotch for Australia and New Zealand, Midas for Portugal. "Stella" went to Primer Plano for Argentina. "The Horde" went to California Filmes for Brazil, Hopscotch for Australia and New Zealand. "Salamandra' went to Jaguar for the Middle East. "Karl Lagerfeld" went to ABC for Benelux.

Finecut licensed "Like You Know It All" to CTV for French speaking territories. "Chaw" went to Ascot Elite for Switzerland and Germany, to Visicom Suraya for Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam. "Go Go 70s" went to Fine Films for Japan and to Thailand’s KR Contents Group.

Focus Features licensed "Sin Nombre" to Metrodome for U.K. "The Eagle Of The Ninth" sold out in all territories including BIM Distribuzione for Italy, Metropolitan Filmexport for France, Entertainment/ Universal and UPI for U.K., Nordisk for Scandinavia, RCV for Benelux, Ssamzie for So. Korea, Odeon for Greece, Shani for Israel, Castello Lopes for Portugal, Italia for the Middle East, PVR for India, Queen for Indonesia, Shaw for Singapore, Prorom for Bulgaria, Hungry and Romania, Hollywood Classics for Czech Republic and Slovaiak, Monlith for Poland, Concorde Telemuenchen for German speaking territories. Deal are about to close for South Afreica, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Turkey. Focus itself has North America and Universal Pictures has rights for Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, "Greenberg" went to Bim for Italy.

Fortissimo has licensed "Prince of Tears" by Yonfan to Ocean Films for France and Intercontinental Film Distribution for Hong Kong. "Basquiat", "Magic Bus", and "Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress And The Tangerine" to Pretty Pictures for France and Benelux and to Zeitgeist for U.S. "Air Doll" went to Golem for Spain, Ocean for France. Asmik Ace has Japanese rights.

HanWay Films has presold "Black Death" to 12 distributors including Revolver/ Sony for U.K., Odeon for Romania and Greece, Lusomundo for Portugal, Soyuz for CIS and the Baltics, Hollywood Classics for Czech Repulic and Slovakia, Polsat for Poland, First Productions for Ex-Yugoslavia, Front Row for Middle East, Queen Imperial Films for Indonesia, Avsar for Turkey, PA Pictures for Brazil and En Pantalla for Mexico. "Sunshine Cleaning" went to Anchor Bay for U.K.

High Point licensed "Winter in Wartime" to
Kaleidoscope for U.K. and Ireland.

Hyde Park licensed "Unbound Captives" to UK (Entertainment),Spain (Aurum), Benelux (RCV), Scandinavia (Scanbox), Turkey (Aqua Pinema), Portugal (Lusomundo), Middle East (Phars).

Icon licensed “Oranges and Sunshine” to Diaphana for France, Odeon for Greece and Lusomundo for Portugal.

IM Global licensed Bitch Slap to Momentum in the U.K., Splendid in Germany, IPA Asia Pacific for Thailand, Tripictures for Spain, Euro TV for France, AMG for Japan.

Imagina licensed "Map of the Sounds of Tokyo" to Alta for Spain.

Independent sold out on "Moon" Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group, which had already taken the rights to all English speaking territories, took all Asian territories excluding South Korea as well as Italy, Spain, Latin America. Sony Pictures Classics has U.S. and further deals were for France (Swift Distribution), Scandinavia (Nonstop Entertainment), Benelux (A – Film Distribution), Middle East (Shooting Stars), CIS (CP Digital), Poland (Monolith Films), Greece (Seven Films), Turkey (Mars Production), South Korea (Daisy Entertainment) and German speaking Europe (Telepool).

InTandem licensed "Your Perfect Angel" to Splendid for German speaking territories, Lusomundo for Portugal and Falcon for the Middle East.

ITV Global Entertainment licensed "The Red Shoes" in its newly restored digital format to more than 20 international territories.

Jinga Films licensed "Salvage" to MIG for Germany, Italia for the Middle East and has also sold Japan. "The Disappeared" went to Moonlight for Benelux, Savoy for Germany. "Summer Scars" went to Wise for Spain, Sahamongkol for Thailand. "Love me Still" went to Italia for the Middle East. "Gnaw" sold to Japan. "The Disappeared" and "Summer Scars" U.K. distributor is ICA's New British Cinema.

Kimmel’s "Trust" went to Mexico (Gussi), Benelux (A Film), Greece (Village Roadshow), Portugal (Lusomundo), Turkey (Aqua Pimena), IPA Asia Pacific for Thailand. "Sympathy For Delicious" went to Italy (CDI), Thailand (IPA), Indonesia (PT Amero). "The Greatest" went to U.K. (High Fliers), Italy (Mediaset), Russia (Soyuz) and previously (Berlin) to Senator Distribution for U.S., E1 Entertainment for Canada, Pinema for Turkey. "An Invisible Sign Of My Own" went to Italy (Mediafilm),Hong Kong (Edko).

Kinology licensed "Gainsbourg" to Prokino for Germany. Focus has North America.

Latido licensed "Bejart: The Show Must Go On" to Cetera for Japan. "Paper Castles" has gone to Only Hearts for Japan who has also acquired "The One I Love". "Ander" went to Look Now for Switzerland. "The Chicken, The Fish and The King Crab" went to Media Factory for Japan. An eleven title package deal closed with TVR in Romania which includes "Seven Minutes" and "La Buena Vida". "Sex, Party & Lies" has sold to 20 territories inlcuding G2 for U.K. and Picture This for U.S. A four picture deal with Suraya for Malaysia includes "Seven Minutes", "Paper Castles", "Animal Crisis" and "Sex Party and Lies".

Le Pacte licensed "Ricky" to IFC for North America. Other rights holders are California Filmes for Brazil, Central Partnership for Russia, Cinéart for Benelux, Concorde Filmverleih for German speaking territories, Hollywood Classic Entertainment for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Le Pacte has France.

Les Films Du Losange licensed "The White Ribbon" to Sony Pictures Classics for North America, Golem for Spain and to Cineart for Benelux. XFilme has Germany, Filmladen has Austria, Lucky Red has Italy. "The Father of My Children" went to Teodora for Italy

Magnolia licensed "The Eclipse" to Jump Street for Australia and New Zealand. Mangolia will release in North America.

Mandarin licensed "Ip Man" to Splendid for German speaking territories.

Mandate licensed "Saw 6" and "Five Killers" to Kinowelt for German speaking territories for which Lions Gate has U.S. and A-Film has Benelux. "Men Who Stare At Goats" went to Kinowelt for German speaking territories, Overture for U.S. and was produced by BBC in U.K.

Media 8 licensed "The Horseman" to U.K.’s Kaleidoscope Entertainment.

Media Asia licensed "Warlords" to Magnolia's genre arm Magnet Releasing for North America, Minerva for Italy, Mario Pimentel for Spain. "City of Life and Death" aka "Nanking Nanking" went to Lark for Hong Kong, Applause for Taiwan, Golden Screen for Malaysia, Rose Media for Thailand, and High Fliers for U.K.

Meridiana licensed "Altiplano" to Imagine Films for Belgium, Farbfilm for Germany and Austria, Cineworx for Switzerland, Contact Cinematheque for The Netherlands.

MK2 licensed "El Nino Pez", "Zion and His Brother" and "Fish Child" to Regent Here! for North America.

Moving Pictures Film and Television has sold 30-50 catalog titles to Polyphony for Australia, Septieme Factory for France and Cinema Novo CRL for Portugal.

MPower licensed "Snowmen" to Italia for the Middle East and NuMetro for South Africa. "The Stoning of Soraya" went to Scanbox for Scandinavia, Nu Metro for South Africa and Independent Distributors for Israel. Front Row has it for the Middle East.

Myriad licensed "Serious Moonlight" to Bim for Italy, Swen for Latin America, Les Films De L'Elysee for Benelux, SPI for Eastern Europe, Eagle for the Middle East, Spentzos for Greece, ECM for Portugal and D Productions for Turkey.

New Films has licensed a seven title packed to Falcon for the Middle East including "Witch Hunt", "P.V.C.-1", "Mysterious Hearts", "Peter and Vandy", "Camp Hope", "Circle" and "Keepsake". A 10 title deal was set with BBI for Benelux which includes "Americano", "Broken" "Undermind", "El Rey", "Don't Fade Away" and "Dark Moon Rising". Strand also licensed "Peter and Vandy" for U.S.

NonStop licensed "Magic Silver" to Rich for So. Korea. "The Forest" went to Suraya for Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Middle East. "Leningrad" went to New View for China.

Nu Image licensed "Solitary Man" and "Ninja" to Splendid for German speaking territories. Thai rights to "Ninja are with IPA Asia Pacific. "The Expendables" went to California Filmes for Brazil, CatchPlay for Taiwan, Dutch FilmWorks (DFW) for Benelux, Eagle Film for the Middle East, Lionsgate for U.K. and U.S., Metropolitan Filmexport for France, Midget Entertainment for Denmark, Noble Entertainment for Sweden, Odeon for Greece and Pony Canyon for Japan and Blu Cinematografica for Italy. "The Mechanic" went to Blu Cinematografica for Italy.

Other Angle licensed "La premiere etoile" and "Les Beaux Gosses" to Kool for Germany. Mars has France. "Les

Parkland licensed "The Heavy" to EuroVideo for Germany, Kaliedoscope for U.K., New Select for Japan, Vendetta Films for Australia and New Zealand and Falcon Films for the Middle East.

Pathe International licensed "Bright Star" to Bob Berney's unnamed company for U.S. and Canada, Vertigo for Spain, Atlantic Film for Scandinavia, SSG for Taiwan, Babilla for Colombia, Phars for the Middle East, PT Camila for Indonesia, Golden Village for Singapore and Myndform for Iceland. The film is now virtually sold out. Presales for"Centurion" closed with MediaFilm (Italian), Cinemax (the CIS), Showbox (South Korea), Monolith (Polan), SSG (Taiwan), Hollywood Classics (the Czech Republic), Mediapro (Romania), Ster-Kinekor (South Africa), Babilla (Colombia), Cathy (Singapore), Tiglon (Turkey), PT Camila (Indonesia) and IPA (Thailand and Vietnam). Deals concluded before Cannes including Constantin for Germany, Aurum for Spain, Hopscotch for Australia/New Zealand and Scanbox for Scandinavia make the film virtually sold out. "Le Herisson" (The Hedgehog)went to Madman for Australia/New Zealand, Europa for Brazil, Cathay for Singapore and Tiglon for Turkey. "Loup" (Wolf) was picked up for Germany and Austria by Square One, IPA for Thailand and Vietnam, Mediavizyon for Turkey and Babilla for Colombia. "Miral" was sold to Europa for Brazil and WEG for India. "Oceans" sold to Atlantic Film for Scandinavia and PT Camila for Indonesia. "Cheri" went to WEG for India, Golden Village for Singapore, IPA for Thailand and Vietnam and Bir Film for Turkey. "Five Minutes Of Heaven" went to Savor for Spain and Bir Film for Turkey and a German deal is imminent. "Lol", currently the biggest film at the French box-office with over 3.5 million admissions, was sold to Madman for Australia/New Zealand, Cinema Nueva for Mexico, Golden Village for Singapore and Mediavizyon for Turkey.

PorchLight’s "Passchendaele" went to U.K. (High Fliers), Japan (AMG), Australia (21st Century), Holland (DFW), Scandinavia (Atlantic).

Prime Entertainment licensed "The Elephant on the Bike" to Kmy Films for Cambodia.

Protagonist Pictures licensed U.K. and Irish rights to "Nativity" to E1 Entertainment. "Unmade Beds" went to Kool for Germany.

Pyramide licensed "Fais Moi Plaisir" to Golem for Spain.

Quantum Releasing licensed "Last of the Living" to Kmy Films for Cambodia.

Roissy licensed "Io, Don Giovanni" to Korea (Line Tree), Taiwan (Zeus International/Khan Entertainment), Hong Kong (Edko Films) and Lucky Red who coproduced with Istituto Luce for Italy. "Sister Smile" went to Korea (Mars Entertainment), Taiwan (Joint), Hong Kong (Edko), Canada (Seville), Switzerland (Xenix), KFD for Belgium, Océan Films for France, RCV Film Distribution for the Netherlands. "The Beaches of Agnes" went to Korea (JinJin). "Seraphine" went to Hong Kong (Edko).

Sahamongkolfilm International licensed "Chocolate" to Magnolia Pictures genre arm Magnet Releasing for U.S. North American rights to the film had been with The Weinstein Company (TWC), but Sahamongkolfilm took the rights back whenTWC returned "Ong Bak 2".

Scanbox's Joni Sighvatsson's remake of "The Killer Elite" sold to Splendid for German speaking territories.

Showbox licensed "The Murderer" to Wild Side for France. "Breathless" has been sold to Tadrart Film for France.

SPI International licensed "Broken Promises" to Picture This! for North America.

StudioCanal licensed "L'Armee du crime" to Cineart for Benelux. “The Red Riding Trilogy" went to IFC for U.S., Alliance for Canada. "Cotton" will be sold soon to Spain. "Change Of Plans " went to IFC for U.S. "Around the World in 50 Years 3D" and "Chloe" went to StudioCanal owned Kinowelt for German speaking territories and both virtually sold out including to Svensk for Scandinavia, TMC for Turkey. Universal Music Group acquired North American rights to "Around the World". "Baby(ies)" went to Focus for U.S. and some other international territories. "Quelque Choise A Te Dire" went to Golem for Spain. "A Thorn in the Heart" went to Oscilloscope for U.S.

Summit licensed "Red Cliff" to Magnolia Pictures genre arm Magnet Releasing for U.S. "Astro Boy" has gone to E1 for U.K. and DeaPlaneta for Spain. "Tree Of Life" and "Letters To Juliet" went to TriPictures for Spain. "Tree of Life" also went to EuropaCorp in France, Icon (UK and Australia), Concorde TeleMuenchen Group (Germany), Svensk (Scandinavia), O1 (Italy) and Belga (Benelux). "New Moon", the "Twilight Sequel" sold to Concorde Filmverleih for German speaking territories Austria, Germany and German speaking Switzerland, Eagle Pictures for Italy, Kadokawa Pictures for Japan, Nordisk Film Theatrical Distribution for Scandinavia, Odeon for Greece and Cyprus, Of course Summit Entertainment has U.S. and Seville has Canada. "Remember Me" also sold exceedingly well.

The Match Factory licensed"Ajami" to the U.K. (Vertigo Films) and France (Ad Vitam). "Cloud 9" went to Music Box for U.S.

The Weintstein Co. licensed "The Fighter" to France, Spain and South Korea. Rights are already held by Paramount Pictures for North America and Universal Pictures International (UPI) for Benelux.

The Works International and Rena Ronson of WM Independent licensed "The Cove" to Europacorp for France.

Toie licensed "A Good Husband" to K&Entertainment for So. Korea.

Trust Nordisk has licensed "Antichrist" to IFC Films for U.S., Artificial Eye for U.K. and Golem Distribución for Spain. Other distributors include ACME for Lithuania, Budapest Film for Hungary, California Filmes for Brazil, Central Partnership for Russia, Discovery Film & Video Distribution for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estinfilm for Estonia, Gutek Film for Poland, Lucky Red for Italy , MFA Filmdistribution for Germany, Palador Pictures for India,Pars Film for Iran, Pro Film for Bulgaria, Prorom Media-Trade for Romania, Seven Films for Greece, Wild Bunch Benelux for Benelux and of course Nordisk Film Distribution for Scandinavia. "Mammoth" went to IFC for U.S., A-Film Distribution for Benelux, Budapest Film for Hungary, Filmcoopi Zürich for Switzerland, Filmladen for Austria, KinoVista for France, Seven Films for Greece, Svensk Filmindustri (SF) for Sweden. "Storm" went to Serendip for Brazil and Film Movement for U.S. "Love at First Hiccup" went to Kinomate for So. Korea and Suraya Film for Singapore and Indonesia. "Terribly Happy" went to Oscilioscope for the U.S, Syrena Films for Poland, European Film Partners (EFP) for Benelux, Cinema Art for Czech Republic and Slovakia."Quest for a Heart" went to Empire Film in Romania, "Cold Prey 2" to IPA for Japan and G2 for U.K. "The Green Butchers"Cirko Film for Hungary. was picked up by

Universe licensed "Storm Warriors" to Splendid for German speaking territories.

Upload Films licensed “Drool” to Strand Releasing for North America.

Visit Films licensed “The Missing Person” to Strand Releasing for U.S.

Voltage licensed "...Of the Dead" and "Game of Death" to Splendid for German speaking territories.

We Distribution/ Cinema Popular of Hong Kong has licensed "Bodyguards and Assassins" to Mediacorp Raintree Pictures and Festive Films for Singapore, RAM Entertainment for Malaysia, PT for Brunei, Teguh Bakti Mandiri for Indonesia, Parkit Films for Vietnam and Applause Entertainment for Taiwan.

Westend, the new international sales agency of Sharon Harel (founder of Capitol), licensed "Chatroom" to BIM Distribuzione for Italy, CMC Entertainment for Taiwan, Diaphana Films for France, ECS Film Distribution for Lebanon, Pathé for U.K., Seven Films for Greece, Universum Film (UFA), who also exec produced the film for Germany, Vision for Poland and other Eastern European countries, ECS for the Middle East, VTI for Ex-Yugoslavia. "Mother and Child" went to Haut & Court (France), Cineart (Benelux), Smile (Scandinavia) and Hopscotch (Australia), Vision (Pan-Eastern Europe), Seven Group (Greece), Front Row (Middle East), Bir Film (Turkey) and VTI (Ex-Yugoslavia).

Wide licensed "Tears of April" to Alcine Terran for Japan, FS Film Oy for Finland. "Fissure," went to Japan's 9 Miles Inc. It is also with FilmFrog Productions for USA, Los Banditos Films for Germany. "Louise Michel, the Rebel" went to France's Hevadis Films. "Unfailing" went to Germany's MIG Film for Austria, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland. "I Dreamt Under the Water" went to Taiwan's AV Jet Intl as well as to Optimale for France, PRO-FUN media Filmverleih for Germany, TLA Releasing for the U.K. and U.S. "South Coast" went to Daxar Multimedia Limited for the Middle East. "La Vida Loca" went to Ascot Elite in Germany for German-speaking territories. "Lola Montes" went to Immovision for Brazil.

Wild Bunch licensed "Spring Fever", "The Time That Remain", "Don't Look Back" and "Enter The Void" to Cineart for Benelux. “Don’t Look Back” and Park Benches went to IFC for U.S. They are also sold for Canada: Don’t Look Back to E1 Entertainment and Benches to Metropole. "Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky" went to Sony Pictures Classics for North America and to Cineart for Benelux, Canada (E1), China (Metro China), Mexico (Cinemas Nueva), Australia (Madman). "Looking for Eric" went to Alta for Spain, Cinéart for The Netherlands, BIM Distribuzione for Italy, Diaphana Films for France, IFC Films for U.S., Icon Film Distribution for U.K. "Who Knows about Persian Cats" went to Mexico (Quality), Argentina (Pacha Mama), Canada (E1), Israel (Shani), Italy (Bim), Spain (Alta), Romania (Independenta), Greece (Videorama), Portugal (Lusomundo), Columbia (Babilla), Benelux (Cineart) and the Middle East (Front Row Entertainment). A deal with Mars Films for France was concluded just prior to the market. The only major territories remaining are Japan and the US, and both have offering pending "Goeman" went to Splendid for German speaking territories. "The Extra Man" went to Bim for Italy. "Tales From The Golden Age" went to IFC for U.S. Imovision has Brazil. It also went to UK (Trinity), Spain (Alta), Canada (Metropole), Italy (Archibaldo), France (Le Pacte), Scandinavia (Cinema Mondo), Benelux (Imagine). “Spring Fever” went to Strand for U.S., NCF for ex-Yugoslavai and Leopard for Russia. “Polytechnique sold to Argentina’s Pacha Mama, Brazil’s Immovision, Teleview in the Middle East, Babilla in Columbia and Norway’s Arthouse. Irish Route” presold to Ex-Yugoslavia (MCF), Romania (Independenta), Greece (Spentzos), Israel (Shani), Middle East (Teleview), Portugal (Lusomundo), Columbia (Babilla), South Africa (Video Vision), Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines (Sound Space) and Bulgaria (Radio Vision). Discussions are ongoing for France, Italy and the UK.

Socialism went to Germany (Delphi), Brazil (Immovision), Romania (Independenta), Czech Republic (Artcam), Greece (Videorama), Portugal (Midas), Japan (Open Sesame/Kadokawa), Bulgaria (Radio Vision) and Korea (Sorcerer’s Apprentice). “The Exodus – The Fortress” (“Burnt By The Sun 2”), was licensed to France (TFM), China (New Vision), Ex-Yugoslavia (Discovery), Romania (Independenta), Czech Republic (Hollywood Classics), Greece (Videorama), the Middle East (Teleview), Portugal (Lusomundo), Taiwan (CMC), Columbia (Babilla), Turkey (Umut Sanat), Bulgaria (Radiovision), Poland (Kino Swiat) and Benelux (Paradiso).

The Extra Man” sold to Ex-Yugoslavia (Discovery), Romania (Independenta), Czech Republic (Hollywood Classics), Greece (Videorama), Israel (Orlando), the Middle East (Teleview), Portugal (Lusomundo), Singapore (Festive), Taiwan (Group Power), Turkey (D Productions), South Africa (Video Vision), Italy (Bim) and Poland (Kino Swiat).

“Full Treatment” sealed deals in Australia (Transmission), Romania (Independenta), Czech Republic (Hollywood Classics), Greece (Videorama), Hong Kong (Panorama), the Middle East (Teleview), Taiwan (CMC), Bulgaria (Radio Vision), Russia (Leopolis), Scandinavia (Cinema Mondo) and Benelux (Paradiso).

“Bunny & The Bull” went to Australia’s Madman, Israel’s Orlando and Germany’s Delphi. “Room in Rome” went to the UK’s Optimum, Hong Kong’s First Distributor, Japan’s Comstock and Australia’s Transmission. “Whatever Works” sealed deals in Israel (Nachson), Iceland (Greenlight), Australia (Hopscotch), Korea (Line Tree), Benelux (Paradiso) and the Czech Republic (Artcam). Deals are pending in Germany and Japan. “The Killer Inside Me” went to Hollywood Classics for Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Umut Sanat in Turkey, Radio Vision in Bulgaria, Top Films of Russia and Paradiso in Benelux. “Petit Nicolas” went to Spain (Vertigo), Italy (Bim), Israel (Nachson) and Korea (Sorcerer’s Apprentice). “Dog Pound” went to Benelux (Paradiso) and Mexico (Quality). Quality also picked up “Yona Yona Penguin” for Mexico.

“Rabia” sold to Romania (Independenta), Greece (Spentzos), the Middle East (Front Row) and Paradiso in Benelux. “A Distant Neighborhood went to Teleview for the Middle East, Babilla in Columbia and Bim in Italy.

William Morris Independent licensed Paris, Not France to Pretty Pictures for France and Benelux, to TVA for Canada and MTV for North America.