Saturday, May 9, 2009

Every Day is a Holiday / Chaque Jour est une Fête

I saw this film when it won the Works in Progress prize in Dubai. It is a film which you will be seeing in the top festivals.

Producer Thierry Lenouvel invites you to join the Facebook group "Every Day is a Holiday / Chaque Jour est une Fête". It's Independence Day in Lebanon: three women who've never met before are on the same bus heading to visit a prison situated in a remote area of the country. Traveling through an arid landscape littered with mines and decapitated dreams, the journey transforms into the women's quest for their own independence.

Thierry says, "Bonsoir à tous, on tente une nouvelle expérience : la coproduction de notre dernier film par souscription internet !Rejoignez-nous et inviter vos amis à nous rejoindre à leur tour... Merci."

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