Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3D takes on Cannes

3D has taken front and center in Cannes' upcoming event films.

"Coraline" has made the international top 10 box office charts in recent days. And while 3D is being discussed for big budget studio tent pole pictures like "Up" or "Avatar", many independents are also selling 3D in Cannes, taking their cue from LionsGate's "My Bloody Valentine" which grossed $51.5 million in No. America and $20.2 m off shore.

has sold out on it's 3D animated feature "Around the World in 50 Days".

Imax has repeatedly stated that its giant screens and their digital projection will be worth more money for distributors with 3D capable films. Imax CEO Rich Gelfond says New digital screens are also key to Imax being able to project 3D movies, which earn the premium ticket price. He said the major studios will see value in Imax 3D screens as long as the number of 3D-capable screens at local multiplexes, at around 2,000 currently, remains well below the 5,000 screens initially anticipated by now.

Terence Chang and John Woo's Lion Rock is selling "Legend of the Magic Bell" and Nu Image is selling "Dark Country" in 3D.

CMG's 3D animated title "Khumba" sold to Russia (Luxor), Portugal (VC Multimedia), the Middle East (Front Row), Turkey (Film Pop), Czech/Slovak Republics (Hollywood), and Poland (Vision).

Even Jan Kounen, director of the closing night selection "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky" will shoot "The Secret Histories of the Dalai Lama" in Tibet in 3D!

And Alain Siritzky is taking the 35 year old film "Emmanuelle" and making the prequel to the franchise in 3D. He is doing a worldwide search for the new 18-25 year old Emmanuelle who will be announced next Cannes and will earn a $1m contract for the next four years. Since the first "
Emmanuelle" in 1974 there have been at least 7 sequels including "Emmanuelle 2000".

Toonz Animation India and Argentina-based Illusion Studios have inked a co-production deal for a 90-minute 3D animated feature "Gaturro" based on the famous Argentine comic strip of the same name.

"Pina" will be made in 3D by Wim Wenders' Neue Road Movies and the legendary choreographer Pina Bausch. It will be the first dance feature film to be shot in 3D. He said that 3D will help to “take the audience directly on to the stage." Starting September 2009, Hanway will be the international sales agent and Jeremy Thomas will executive produce.

Other current 3D projects include "Bait" of Arclight and Limelight International, Monsters vs. Aliens", "Magic Journey to Africa" - and many others are being touted in Cannes.

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