Sunday, May 3, 2009

ACE Producers in Cannes

ACE was formed in 1993 by a seasoned group of independent European producers, led by René Cleitman and David Puttnam. They decided to pool together their experience and know how with the purpose of sharing it with up and coming film producers and advancing the cause of independent cinema.

With the support of a large network of industry professionals, they founded ACE, a center for training and development geared towards helping independent European producers.

Ace aims
  • To help its producers position themselves producer as the helmsman of the production process in all its phases, from the writing of the screenplay to the commercialization of the finished film
  • To advise the producers during the period of creative development and strengthen their key roles together with those of the authors
  • To provide independent producers with a unique venue where they can debate and exchange information and experiences with their European peers
  • To offer opportunities to establish ongoing contacts with industry professionals at an international level
  • To supply a year-round tailor made service, adapted to the experience of each ACE producer and to his or her individual project.

Every year a dozen European producers are selected to participate in the ACE program.
Thanks to the workshops and the close personal monitoring offered by ACE, the producers can dramatically increase the possibility of a film’s success. ACE helps the producers construct coherent projects by focusing on both the creative and financial dimensions of film making.
Exchange of ideas, script analysis, preparation of financing plans, identification of and search for partners… the entire method for project development is designed with the ACE producers (who remain the decision-makers on the projects).

Since its inception, more than 200 feature film producers from 23 European territories have joined the ranks of ACE.

Over the years, ACE has become not only an operational structure providing professional advice on the various aspects of feature film production, but also an important and active network of European producers.

At the end of the first year, every producer can continue to benefit from ACE’s various services by joining the ACE Producers Network.

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