Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tipped for Cannes

I love getting IndieWire’s Cannes Wish List. IndieWire's commentary on each film is interesting in and of itself.  I find myself remarking "I didn't know that!" at every other entry.  My former Tipped for Cannes Report (when FilmFinders was my company) was one of my most popular reports because film buyers and programmers could immediately hone in on their targets. So, in keeping with tradition, I pulled together the list Screen International (SI) and blogger ion (he did a lot of research for this!) published in February just after the Berlinale and am now going to compare it with IW’s.  My links for the title are to IMDbPro and for the contact either to the seller (ISA=International Sales Agent) or the producer. 

After this, I will track which of these land in Cannes, which in Toronto, Venice, etc.; which get acquired by whom (to be gathered together in the Rights Roundup after Cannes and kept current until Toronto).  Titles on the IW list take precedence and to them I have only added titles they did not list. Wild Bunch has the most contenders of all, followed by The Match Factory, and Celluloid Dreams' lack of films is surprising.

Why do we all love lists so much? Do we ever remember what’s on them? Do we really care? After compiling lists, then we compare lists and then we list winners from the list and then we go back to the roots of the project and track those entities claiming to be first to have spotted the titles. Can we make a living doing this? Let’s see…

To start with IndieWire:
With just over two weeks until the expected announcement of the Cannes Film Festival lineup on April 15th, speculation surrounding the 2010 roster is intensifying. indieWIRE picked 40 films to consider right now. Cannes is a sort of annual cinematic Olympics, with countless countries vying for spots in the official selection. Already announced is Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” as a big studio opener for this year’s fest, while earlier this week Anne Thompson said that insiders should keep an eye on Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street 2,” Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” and Woody Allen’s latest, “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.” The festival sets the tone for the year in cinema, paving the way for the lineups of numerous other fall film fests and elevating a few titles to annual Oscar consideration. Conversely, some films may play poorly with the thousands of often-finicky international critics and then fight an uphill battle with some audiences.

Movies on this list that don’t get a spot in Cannes will immediately become hot topics for a fall fest berth in Venice and/or Toronto. So, let the games begin.

13 directed by Gela Babluani, (US) Paramount Vantage  (SI).  Paramount Vantage is still in business?  International or domestic.  I could call over to Joe Matukewitz and ask, but I'll let someone else do it.  Is Matt Brodlie still SVP, Co-Productions & Acquisitions?  I think so, but what aside from the $1,000,000 to make 10 low budget films (like Paranormal Activity) are they acquiring?  I wonder how Ondine is fariing.

22nd of May directed by Koen Mortier (Belgium) Revolver Films. (ion). Revolver is one to watch.

101st film (Untitled) directed by Im Kwon-taek  (Korea) (SI). 101 films!!!  How old is he?

Ano Bisiesto directed by Michael Rowe (Mexico) Pyramide Int'l (SI) Confirmed

Another Year directed by Mike Leigh (UK)  Focus Features (IW) Confirmed

Area 51 directed by Oren Peli (USA) IM Global (IW) They're making really smart moves in the business.

L'Autre Monde aka Black Heaven by Gilles Marchand (France) Haut et Court (SI).  Haut et Court is smart, small and keeps moving...production and distribution. Confirmed
Aurora directed by Cristi Puiu (Romania) The Coproduction Office (IW).  Philippe Bober is a personal, very concentrated force behind auteur filmmakers.  Very intense, always interesting. Confirmed

The Beaver directed by Jodie Foster (USA) Summit Int'l (IW).  Everytime I drive by Summit Drive on my way over Benedict Canyon I think of Patrick's party during a rainy AFM at his house.  He is the Summit of the international business.  With a very few others...good to see.  His father would be proud too.

Biutiful by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu (Spain) Focus Features (IW). Confirmed. Wither Focus?  We'll see.

Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky (USA) Fox Searchlight (IW) Not ready in time for Cannes.  Tipped for Venice, Toronto

Black Venus by Abdellatif Kechiche (France) MK2 (SI).  Keeps on, second generation and doing fine.

Le Bruit des glaçons aka The Clink of Ice by Bertrand Blier (France) Wild Bunch (SI).  So many films in the festivals and remains wild.  Hope they give their annual dinner this year.  I love seeing people there.

Carancho by Pablo Trapero (Argentina) Fine Cut (SI).  Korean international sales agent Fine Cut has crossed the line to Latin America...this is their second film with Pablo Trapero. 

Carlos the Jackal by Olivier Assayas (France) Studio Canal (IW).  Eager to see this one.  Confirmed

Certified Copy by Abbas Kiarostami (France) MK2 (SI) Confirmed

Challenges of Reconciliation by Michael Henry Wilson (US) (ion)  This is an unknown to us all.

Chanda’s Secrets by Oliver Stoltz (Germany) (SI).  Likewise.

Chantrapas by Otar Iosseliani (France) Les Films du Losange (SI).  Les Films du Losange has lots of class.

Chongqing Blues from Wang Xiaoshuai (China) Films Distribution (SL).  Likewise Films Distribution though this is an unknown film. Confirmed

Cirkus Columbia by Danis Tanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) The Match Factory (SI)  Match Factory is also one of the top art film companies with Michael Weber and Karl Baumgartner, they are tops.

Crazy Horse by Frederick Wiseman (US) Celluloid Dreams (ion).  It seems quiet at Celluloid Dreams though I am crazy about The Auteurs and think Hengameh is one of the most daring and innovative of the sales agents.

D'amour et d'eau fraiche aka Living on Love Alone by Isabelle Czajka (France) Bac (SI).  The French international sales agents all have that "je ne sais quoi" which defines their superb taste and style.  So far Isabelle Czajka and Jodie Foster are the only females represented, but we're only in the Ds.

Death Of A Hostage aka Shares by Johnnie To (Hong Kong) Media Asia (SI).  Let's hear it for Media Asia and the companies who cross lines and borders.

Die Komenden Tage aka The Days To Come by Lars Kraume (Germany) Badlands Film (SI).  Produced by the venerable UFA Studio, the lives of a middle-class Berlin family unfold from the present day into a realistic near future, a time of great uncertainty and change as siblings deal with their hopes and fears as they face their future in a destabilised world.

The Duel by Dover Kosashvili (US-Israel) Echo Lake (SI).  Echo Park has made steady and creatively good progress.  This is one of my favorite companies in the US.

Eagle Of The Ninth by Kevin Macdonald (UK) Focus Features (SI)

The Exodus — The Fortress: Burnt By The Sun 2 by Nikita Mikhalkov (Russia) Wild Bunch (SI) Confirmed

The Expendables by Sylvester Stallone (USA) NuImage (IW)

Fair Game by Doug Liman (USA) Summit (IW). Confirmed

Faust by Aleksandr Sokurov (Russia) (ion)

Les Filles En Noir by Jean-Paul Civeyrac (France) Les Films du Losange (SI)

Habitacion en Rome aka Room in Rome by Julio Medem (Spain) Wild Bunch (IW)

Hereafter by Clint Eastwood (USA)  Warner Bros. (IW)

Home For Christmas by Bent Hamer (Norway) The Match Factory (SI)

Hors-La-Loi aka Outside the Law by Rachid Bouchareb (France) Studio Canal (SI) Confirmed

The Housemaid by Im Sang-soo (Korea) Mirovision (SI).  Another Asian. Confirmed

Im Alter Von Ellen  aka At Ellen’s Age by Pia Marais (Germany) The Match Factory (SI). Another woman.

Im Keller – Ulrich Seidl (Austria) Coop 99 (ion)

Incendies - Denis Villeneuve (Canada, Lebanon) Micro - Scope (ion)

Kaboom by Gregg Araki (USA) Wild Bunch (IW) Confirmed

The Last Word by David Mackenzie (UK) Trust Nordisk (SI)

Little White Lies aka Les Petits Mouchoirs by Guillaume Canet (France) EuropaCorp (IW).  Luc Besson's EuropaCorp usually makes big films with 20th Century Fox.

Lope by Andrucha Waddington (Brazil, Spain) Antena 3 (ion)

Love, Imagined aka Les Amours imaginaires by Xavier Dolan (Canada, France) Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm(IW).  Alliance continues on through all the changes. Confirmed

Machete by Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis (USA) Hyde Park (IW).  Hyde Park is the second top tier international sales agent in the US.  I already blogged about Ashok Armitrage's visions of the future.

Marieke, Marieke by Sophie Schoukens (Germany) The Match Factory (SI)

Meek’s Cutoff by Kelly Reichardt (USA) Evenstar (IW)

Memorias de mis putas tristes aka Memories of my Sad Whores by Henning Carlsen & Ricardo Del Rio (Mexico) Zip Films (ion)

Miral by Julian Schnabel (USA) Pathe (IW)

Morgen by Marian Crisan (France, Hungary, Romania) Madrogora Movies (SI)

Naufragio by Pedro Aguilera (Spain) Alokatu (ion)

Neds by Peter Mullan (UK) Wild Bunch (SI)

Norwegian Wood by Anh Hung Tran (Japan) Fortissimo (iw)

Nostalgia de la luz by Patricio Guzman (Chile) Pyramide Int'l (SI) Confirmed

Of Gods & Men by Xavier Beauvois (Algeria, France) Wild Bunch (SI)

Our Grand Despair by Seyfi Teoman (Turkey) Circe Film (ion)

Poetry by Lee Chang-dong (Korea) Finecut (SI)

Poll by Chris Kraus (Germany) Bavaria Film Int'l (SI). 

Post Mortem by Pablo Larrain (Chile) Funny Balloons (SI)

Potiche by Francois Ozon (France) Mandarin Cinema (iw)

Prey by Antoine Blossier (France) Rezo (ion)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by Mike Newell  (UK) Disney (ion)

The Princess Of Montpensier by Bertrand Tavernier (France) Studio Canal (SI) Confirmed

Le Quattro Volte by Michelangelo Frammartino (Italy) CoProduction Office (ion)

Rabbit Hole by John Cameron Mitchel (USA) Affinity (IW)

Rebecca H. by Lodge Kerrigan (USA) Wild Bunch (ion) Confirmed

The Revenge aka Civilization by Susanne Bier (Denmark) Trust Nordisk (IW)

Robin Hood by Ridley Scott.  Opening Night Film Confirmed.

Le Roman de ma Femme aka The Novel of My Wife by Tadjik Djamshed Usmonov (France) Elzevir(ion)

Route Irish by Ken Loach (UK) Wild Bunch (ion) Tipped for Venice.

The Rum Diary by Bruce Robinson (USA) GK Films (IW)

Shit Year by Cam Archer (USA) Gary Krauss (IW) Confirmed

Shrek Goes Fourth by Mike Mitchell (USA) Paramount (ion)

Film Socialism by Jean Luc Godard (France) Wild Bunch (IW) Confirmed

Somewhere by Sofia Coppola (USA) Focus Features (IW)

Sous Ton Emprise aka In Your Hands aka Contre Toi by Lola Doillon (France) Elle Driver (SI)

Svinalangorna by Pernilla August  (Sweden) Trust Nordisk (ion)

Tamara Drewe by Stephen Frears (UK) Westend (IW) Confirmed

The Tempest by Julie Taymor (USA) Icon (IW)

Thirteen Assassins by Takashim Miike (Japan) Hanway (SI)

Three by Tom Tykwer (Germany) The Match Factory (IW)

The Tree of Life by Terrance Malick (USA) Summit (IW)

Toy Story 3 by Lee Unkrich (USA)  Disney (IW)

The Tree  by Julie Bertucelli (France) Memento (SI) Confirmed

Tuesday, After Christmas by Radu Muntean (Romania) Multimedia Est (ion) Confirmed

The Turin Horse by Bela Tarr  (France, Germany, Hungary) Fortissimo (IW)

Untitled aka Restless by Gus Van Sant (USA) Columbia (IW)

La Vida Util by Federico Veiroj (Uruguay) Cinekdoque (IW)

Wall Street 2 by Oliver Stone (USA) 20th Century Fox (IW) Confirmed

The Way Back by Peter Weir (USA) Exclusive Film (IW)

Wrong With Virginia? by Dustin Lance Black (USA) Killer Films (IW)

Womb by Benedek Fliegauf (France, Germany, Hungary) The Match Factory (SI)

The Woman Who Dreamed Of A Man by Per Fly (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) Trust Nordisk (SI)

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger by Woody Allen (Spain, USA) Imagina (IW) Confirmed

Zingaro Revisited by Bartabas (France) MK2 (SI)

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