Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Newest in French Film Fashion Comes to LA: City of Lights, City of Angels: COL•COA

Lucky LA!  We can now get an advance look on the current batch of French films which will be on offer at the Cannes Film Market.  Not only the distributors, but the public is able to see these April 20 to April 25.  And take in panels, meet the French film community, see the US distributors, catch the buzz.  I'll see you there!

With 69% of its audience coming from the film industry in 2009, COL•COA is a unique showcase for French films in North America. COL•COA screenings offer exceptional exposure for French films and can generate a buzz among the industry and in the U.S. Both cultural and commercial dimensions of the event offer various reasons for all categories of professionals to attend.

DGA, WGAW and MPA Members

As their organization is a partner of the Franco American Cultural Fund, all members of the Directors Guild of America, The Writers Guild of America West, and The Motion Picture Association have been invited to the COL•COA screenings since the creation of the event. Therefore, they represent an important part of the audience. COL•COA gives them the opportunity to discover a selection of the newest French films and to exchange with French Filmmakers at The Happy Hour Talks, during the Q&A following screenings and events, or parties set up during the whole week.

Additionally, members of SAG, Women in Film, American Cinematheque, ICG, ASC and FILM INDEPENDENT can attend COL•COA at a discounted price.


People in charge of acquisitions for U.S. Distributors or buyers for other territories (Asia, South America and Europe) who are based in Los Angeles can take advantage of the exclusive program offered. At least 30% of the films have been released after January in France and some of them have not been shown at the European Film Market in Berlin. Furthermore, they can see the films with an American audience and possibly decide to buy a film if it is still available.

An Eye to the Future,an exclusive presentation of trailers of upcoming French films is another reason to attend the showcase a few weeks before the Cannes Film Festival. Most of the films will premiere at Le Marché du Film in Cannes.


COL•COA is now one of the most efficient platforms to promote a French film in Los Angeles. U.S. Distributors can use the event to have an official Premiere of their film before a release. It is also the best place to create a buzz a few months before a release, to show their film to the members of the HFPA for the next Golden Globe Awards, to promote the film to local exhibitors for a future release or test the film with our audience and build a marketing strategy.

Recent partners include: Film Movement, First Look Pictures, IFC Films, International Film Circuit, Koch Lorber, Liberation Entertainment, Lionsgate, Magnolia Pictures, Music Box Films, New Yorker, Red Envelope, Samuel Goldwyn, Strand releasing or Vivendi Entertainment.

Click here to download a detailed presentation of COL•COA for distributors

Exhibitors and Publicists

Exhibitors can discover new French Films and test them with an audience before booking them. They can mention their interest in a specific film to distributors even if the film is available for the market.

Publicists can work with our delegation of filmmakers to set up interviews with the press for a U.S. distributor when the film is already bought. Every year, a large number of journalists attend COL•COA and cover the event for local, national and international media (print, TV, radio and Internet).

Producers and Agents

New talent and remake opportunities are also a good reason for producers and agents to attend COL•COA. Each year, the selection offers an eclectic program that includes stories with a strong potential for remakes. Both programs of features and short films offer a chance to discover emerging filmmakers, actors or actresses from France. 

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