Thursday, April 22, 2010

Backup Films Financed 7 Films in the Cannes Film Festival!

7 films in the three sections of Cannes were financed by Backup Films.  Entirely dedicated to film financing, Backup Films has, in 2009 alone worked with over 60 ambitious international projects in their search of financing, whether in their development, production, or distribution phase. Backup Films is currently managing film investments funds of over €33.6M, and has brokered, last year, €4.5M in coproduction, distribution and equity deals. Over the past 8 years, the films financed through the Backup Films Agency or Backup Films’ funds have gathered 40 A-class festival selections and have won 15 major prizes.

Official Selection

Tournée (Le Pacte) de Mathieu Amalric is in Compétition. Tournée is produced by Les Films du Poisson in association with SOFICA COFICUP – with funds from Backup Films.

L’autre monde, aka Black Heaven (Memento) the second feature of Gilles Marchand, and his second time in Special Screenings. It is produced by Haut et Court in association avec SOFICA COFICUP – with funds from Backup Films.

Un Certain Regard
Adrienne Pal (KMH Film) by Agnes Kocsis is produced by MH Film in association with the Agency Backup Films.

Critics' Week

Rubber (Elle Driver) by Quentin Duppieux is in a special screening and is a road movie following a psycho- and telepathic murderer across the Californian desert.  It is  is produced by Realitism Films in association with the Agency Backup Films.

Directors' Fortnight

Everything will be Fine (The Match Factory) by Christoffer Boe representsDenmark in the Quinzaine. An intense psychological thriller with a political conspiracy mixed in.  Boe won the Camera d'Or in Cannes in 2003 with Reconstruction, one of the best films of the entire year.  Produced by Alphaville Pictures et Lovestreams Agnès B. in association with SOFICA COFICUP – with financing from Backup Films.

The Light Thief (The Match Factory) by Atan Arym Kubat explores an electrician with the last access to the energy infrastructure of Kyrgyzstan during its revolution for independence from Russia and ties to the Russian Mafia. Produced by ASAP Films in association with Agency Backup Films.

All Good Children, (no ISA) debut feature of Alicia Duffy is in compétition for the Caméra d’Or. her shorts won the Prize Cinéfondation in 2001 and Palme d’Or for shorts in 2003).  Produced by Element Pictures in association with the Agency Backup Films.

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