Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Self Distribution from Guest Blogger Peter Belsito

After discussion with various in-the-know friends and pros, the following is the UNIVERSAL UNANIMOUS recommendation for what is needed for taking out 'your film'. For a low fee you have here many options on DIY distribution ('do it yourself' strategies) and, from what I gather at this moment, they are the cutting edge. The expert-advisors in DIY must watch the film and talk to you to decide if it fits their plan. So it is not guaranteed that you are 'in there' but it is well worth the try as you will learn more with each encounter. If you do not land with a particular expert-advisor, there are other strategies ( is one which filmmakers I know love, and they are already cooperating with the suggestion below). For you to consider joining with "the one below, Orly Ravid and Jeffrey Winter's new company, you must go on their website AND READ THROUGH IT COMPLETELY, THOROUGHLY before deciding. But it is my strong recommend for you at this point if you are considering DIY distribution as a strategy. The website is:

The Collaborative is Orly and Jeffrey's most exciting, new brilliantly conceived business and it is non profit. The new website (still developing but up and running) has dozens of films already participating. It is a one stop shop for filmmakers seeking to do their own distribution.  Everything is covered. I cannot praise it highly enough and the principals are at the cutting edge of the new DIY movement for films where filmmakers must / seek to control their own distribution. This is an important new and developing element in our world. Again, the name of the founder you will talk to is Orly Ravid. She has worked in many capacities as an executive and a film buyer for various distributors from both here and Europe and, like us at SydneysBuzz, has a completely international outlook and view. You'll love her. Her partners are very high level wonderful people. Go on the website or email


I have been following the progress of DIY'er Scott Bushaw and his very funny 'From Hollywood to Hollywood'. In the idiot buddy road movie comedy tradition of 'Dumb and Dumber' and 'Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay' this one has a neat website, great poster, funny trailer and a sweet heart. You can also shop very easily and buy the film and download from the site. I'd like to see more indies develop their marketing pitch to this degree.

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  1. Hi Sydney, thanks for the recommendation of The Film Collaborative. We are just getting started, so things will be developing more in the coming months.

    Two things that filmmakers can utilize immediately are the Distributor Report Card and the social networking tool With the, we would like to hear from filmmakers to rate their experiences with distributors, good and bad. Then, everyone will have access to those ratings in order to be prepared when dealing with distribs.

    Coming soon, updates to the