Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New American Vision (NAV)

Founded in 2004, New American Vision (NAV) is one of Hollywood’s leading niche entertainment firms dedicated to new, transparent, and global distribution models for art house, niche, and activist cinema. NAV also offers targeted marketing solutions for film festivals, distributors and independent filmmakers.

Clients include AFI FEST, Los Angeles Film Fest (LAFF), International Documentary Association (IDA), Wolfe Releasing and films such as: The End of the Line, Hollywood, je t'aime, Were the World Mine, Niloofar, Beautiful Darling, Against A Trans Narrative, BoY, and City of Borders (to name just a few).

Here's how you can keep up with what they're doing...

If you live in the Los Angeles area, check out their events site, http://www.festselects.com/ or follow them on twitter @festselects.

You can always find out what cool independent, queer and activist film projects they're repping by checking out http://www.newamericanvision.com/. (Tip: if you see something that interests you whiz by, click on it and you'll be taken to that film's website so you can find out more). If you're interested in acquiring or programming any of these films, you might also want to sign up for their monthly newsletter. Samples of past newsletters can also be found on their website. Please write to them at newsletter@newamericanvision.com to sign up.

Check out their pioneering work on the digital distribution landscape. Updated every couple months. They also link to the Sundance panel on Digital Distribution: Go to: http://www.newamericanvision.com/digitaldistribution.html

Are you a programmer at a queer film festival? Write to them at films@newamericanvision.com to learn how you can access (and hopefully contribute to) this growing database of upcoming lgbt-related films.

NAV is launching an international filmmaker non-profit distribution collaborative. Representing a culmination of their work over the last five (5) years, this collaborative will draw upon NAV's expertise in areas such as grassroots and niche marketing at film festivals and in distribution; collaboration with non-profit organizations and film festivals; and comprehensive distribution, marketing, and licensing/sales rep services for independent, art house/world cinema and especially niche and activist cinema.

Additionally, they plan to expand their ongoing pioneering work on digital distribution to serve non-profit entities. By combining a built-in marketing network with an aggregated body of programmed and marketed film, the collaborative will help the work of filmmakers reach greater audiences and achieve the fullest possible distribution potential without having to pay expensive fees or too many middle men. All the distribution and marketing work will be done under a non-profit mission and fully transparent structure. We are inviting filmmakers and industry professionals to weigh in on the mission, proposed structure, and overall functionality of the collaborative.

To keep you informed of their plans,...so please join the new NAV Facebook FAN page.

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