Monday, July 20, 2009

AFI enters the Streaming Fray

The American Film Institute has a simple solution to streaming its archives online. will link to AFI's YouTube page and will will feature hundreds of videos from the AFI's 42 years. Going to their site gives you access to YouTube and all the choices available. Only failing is YouTube steams shorts and not features and the pictures are always grainy looking.

This is a great poor man's solution to building a website, showing one's films and linking to other relevant sites such as Amazon Video on Demand or Create Space, or which ever 150 digital platforms or other sites the filmmaker chooses.

We should create an award for the best of these sites. Any suggestions, please send them to me at

The marketing strategy is the issue needing to be addressed. Two new books deal very astutely with this:

THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING & PR by David Meerman Scott and FANS, FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS: BUILDING AN AUDIENCE AND A CREATIVE CAREER IN THE DIGITAL AGE by Scott Kirsner. I highly recommend the first one and the second is highly recommended by a fan Jason Kohl who will soon be at UCLA Film School after his Fulbright studies in Germany and working with a Berlin production company. (Let's see who reads and responds to this:).

These books offer solutions to how to enter today's digital media world. Brilliant!

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