Monday, July 27, 2009

Digital Exhibition

You may have noticed the focus of my blog has been to aggregate the latest developments in digital exhibition. I use the term exhibition because it's obvious to all that the current brick and mortar distribution systems have been broken for the large number of filmmakers for many years. Digital exhibition breaks out of the distribution quagmire, but monetizing it is still the big issue. Thomas Mai's Festival Darlings is operating on the premise that side by side with the brick and mortar business of international sales and distribution (that includes US distribution), money can be made on a 24/7 basis through digital exhibition. We will follow his progress and you'll read more on him in the upcoming blogs.

I am now going to expand the focus of this blog to include festivals and their search to invigorate themselves and more importantly to assist the filmmakers in the ever present issue of recouping the costs of production. What are the festivals doing which is going beyond their traditional showcasing of films not otherwise available to their public and bringing in celebrities and filmmakers to talk to their public?

And is there any congruence between digital exhibition and the festivals? ...Sydney

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