Monday, June 1, 2009

Tracking Arab Industry Developments

To continue the tracking of developments in the Middle East's predominately Arab countries which I began in Cannes, once again, Dubai International Film Festival's Market is taking a lead position, now by posting sales made during its December event. Screen International's article says it all.

It is notable that in posting rights, Dubai takes a place among the markets such as Cannes, EFM and AFM. Posting rights creates a flurry of further deals by savvy buyers who are taking note of developments around them.

Making note of market developments the raison d'etre of Sydney's Buzz. By posting the deals which, in cooperation with and, are linked for access to future productions by producers or international sales agents, both distributors and ISAs can track competitors' sales and acquisitions. ISAs can track distributors' interests and everyone can track upcoming projects by favored producers, directors, writers and talent.

Development of market savvy is the creative part of buying and selling. And Dubai, once again, stands out among the Arab entities entering the festival world in taking the lead.

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