Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moscow Co-Production Forum: Last call for Application for Pitching Projects

From 20 to 22 of June 2009 within the Moscow International Film Festival, the Moscow
Co-production Forum will take place. The Forum is the business platform for the territory of Russia, providing a cooperative setting for Russian and international producers, focusing on realization of co-production projects.

On the one hand, international producers, financiers, distributors and other companies, investing in the film industry, will be offered Russian projects, focused by the content on co-production with other countries. On the other hand, Russian producers will have an opportunity to assess the options of participation in the implementation of international projects, presented during
the Forum and directly related to Russia.

The co-production projects’ pitching is the key Forum event. To participate in
the pitching which will select 12 film projects, about half of them - from Russia, producers will have 5 mintues to present the film project. Pre-scheduled meetings with potential partners will take place after the pitching.

The Forum partners include Sofia Meetings (Bulgaria), Connecting Cottbus (Germany), Baltic
Event (Estonia), DAB Regional Co-Production Forum (Armenia) are planning to select by
one of Russian project for presenting them at their events, as a result of the Moscow coproduction forum. Strategic partner of the Forum include EAVE which selected 3 producers for the pitching and several European producers without the projects who are interested in co-producing with Russian producers.

The first day of the Forum, producers and directors, taking part in the Forum, will be able
to get a master class of film projects’ pitching.

Conditions, criteria and requirements for the projects.
Selection Criteria:
  • High possibility of being realized
  • The project concept proposes, or at least is not inconsistent with, participation of Russian partners as co-producers
  • Demonstrable talent of the directors and producers, including co-production projects
  • Shootings and/or post-production stages in part or in whole are planned on theterritory of Russia (an advantage)
Projects’ requirements:
  • Feature-length fiction, creative documentary and an animation project for theatrical release from all parts of the world.
  • Projects should have a producer, director and script attached (in English).
  • At least 20% of the financing must have already been secured.
  • In initial stage of pre-production.
  • The producer has already took part in creation at least one feature-length film, an animation or documentary film.

Projects’ application (in English):
· Complete application form.
· Synopsis (1 page).
· Treatment (8-10 pages).
· Statement of the director on the project.
· Covering letter, which includes description of the purpose of participation in the Coproduction
Forum and the producer’s idea about the model of co-production that
can be used during the realization of the project.
· List of confirmed financing for the project (if possible).

Specific conditions:
· One project can be selected from one Production Company.
· No more then two project’s representatives can present their project at the pitching
(director and producer).
· Russian Forum participants pay their own travel and accommodation during the
Forum. The forum organizers can partially cover the transportation and the hotel
expenses of the participants from other countries.
· The forum participants can take part in MIFF events.

Project Selection Committee for participation in the pitching:
  • Roman Borisevich (producer - Russia)
  • Gabriele Brunnenmeyer (Artistic Director of Connecting Cottbus - Germany)
  • Sergei Lazaruk (The First Deputy of Chairman of the Russian Union of Cinematographers,
  • deputy director of TV channel «Russia»)
  • Natalia Mokritskaya (producer, Russia)
  • Riina Sildos (Director of Baltic Event - Estonia)
  • Mira Staleva (Head of Sofia meetings - Bulgaria)
  • Karsten Stoter (Rohfilm GmbH, Germany)
  • Leonid Vereshchagin (producer, Russia)
Dead-line for applications – June 5, 2009.
Applications should include all the above requested documents and send to
On-line Application Form and program is available on:
Kirill E.Razlogov – Creative Director
Moscow International Film Festival
Olga Kolegaeva – Forum Coordinator
Mobile: +7-903-666-7-444

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