Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Filmotech: A European Digital Distribution Case Study

Ricardo Fraguas of the MEDIA Desk Hellas discussed the European perspective of digital distribution during November's Thessaloniki Int'l Film Festival.

In Spain 132.000.000 downloads of films per year take place.

Connecting to http://www.sinlamula.com/ allows for free streaming movies on-line. It is also linked with official sites of on-line Distribution such as  FILMOTECH , the platform of on-line distribution with all the Spanish producers. It it are sections of films from England as well as Spain. The aim of the platform is the lawful downloading plus security for user competitively to the distribution  at Dvd prices. In the future there will be sections of films from Germany and Greece.

An already existing section is dedicated to free downloading of short films. The cost of digitalization was covered by Filmotech for the 242 available films.

Microsoft has covered security accreditation, quality and the abiity of the user to copy a DvD of the download. Use Windows Media Player via a codec file format Mpg for buying or renting movies.

65% of revenues are paid to producers of the project. The Treaty between the platform and the manufacturer is not exclusive use with the most common concession rights movement for one year.

Producers can access the database platform to check the numbers of rentals. There is a flexible pricing structurel and fees vary from fil to film, though the normal fee for 7 days rental is 2 € The price to buy a Dvd is 6 €.

Experimental tests are ongoing for simultaneous distribution of the film on the site and in the theatres.

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